Spokane International Airport
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Spokane International Airport
and Felts Field Airport
Main number: (509) 455-6455

Airport Terminal Address:

9000 West Airport Drive
Spokane, WA 99224

Airport Police :: I.D. Badging :: Paging :: Lost & Found

(509) 455-6429 Fax (509) 455-6436

Mailing Address:

Spokane International Airport
9000 W. Airport Dr., Suite 204
Spokane, WA. 99224

Airport Parking:

(509) 455-6457

Airport Fire Department and Rescue:

(509) 455-6485 Fax (509) 455-6489

TSA Local Customer Service Line:

(509) 626-5401
For Flight or Ticketing Information: Please contact your Airline
Airport Staff Members

Lawrence Krauter


Dave Armstrong

Finance & Accounting

Matt Breen Acting Planning & Engineering Director

Jeff Collins

Airport Parking

Judy Gifford

Properties & Contracts

James McDevitt

Legal Counsel

Bruce Millsap

Airport Fire & Rescue

Gregg Morrison

Information Technology

Michelle Plunkitt

Human Resources

Ryan Sheehan

Operations & Maintenance

Peter Troyer

Airport Police

Todd Woodard

Business Development & Public Affairs

For advertising opportunities at Spokane International, please contact The Younger Agency at 208-424-5651 or visit their website at www.youngeragency.com


Airlines Airport Business Park Felts Field Contact FAQ Contact Us