Spokane International Airport


2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The safety of the traveling public, our tenants and employees is always our top concern and priority. Please be assured, the Airport is coordinating with the Spokane Regional Health District and our tenants to ensure the guidance and protocols being issued by their corporate and public health officials to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) are being implemented and followed.

Pursuant to Washington State Department of Health Order 20-03, it is mandatory to wear facial coverings when inside the Spokane International Airport terminal and other airport public areas for all individuals over 5 years old. For more information click here

Washington state does not currently require arriving passengers to quarantine themselves. However, other states have issued quarantine requirements. If you have an upcoming trip planned, check with the health agencies and governments at your destination to see if any local restrictions are in place. 

COVID-19 is an evolving public health issue and we want to provide the most accurate and timely information available from public health officials and agencies:

The Spokane Regional Health District has a page with updated details about COVID-19.

The Washington Department of Health has up-to-date information on COVID-19.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a page with more information on COVID-19, including its impact on travelers.

The Department of Homeland Security has updated information on COVID-19 and advisories issued for travel outside the United States.

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides COVID-19 global travel and health information.

If you have an upcoming trip, please check with your airline for the latest flight status information.

Thank you!