Spokane International Airport

Rail-Truck Transload Facility

The Rail-Truck Transload Facility will provide multi-modal freight movement services to meet the increased demand for a larger transportation and logistics network from the area’s commercial and industrial sectors. The facility will improve freight capacity and reduce costs on the increasingly congested Interstate 90. Its strategic location adjacent to the interstate, a Class 1 rail line, and Spokane International Airport, as well as existing and future industrial and manufacturing companies, will allow the facility to play a significant role in advancing the Airport Area’s economic competitiveness. Phase I of the project, a 5,000 foot rail extension from the existing Geiger Spur rail line onto Airport property, was completed in 2019. 

1.7 miles of new track alignment will be installed at the facility. It will also feature a paved staging area,  two loading tracks with 2,000 feet clear length, one running track and five turnouts. Additionally, there is room available to expand the paved staging area as well as two 40-acre parcels of land available for sale or lease adjacent to the facility.

Airport Area Map showing location of Rail-Truck Transload Facility
in proximity to Spokane International Airport terminal

At the July 2021 meeting of the Spokane Airport Board, the Board awarded the construction contract for Phase II of the Rail-Truck Transload Facility Project to Halme Construction. The $14.3 million project includes the construction of the multi-modal transload facility near the intersection of Craig Road and McFarlane Road, with new rail line for train loading, offloading and cirulation, as well as a freight truck movement apron. It will also bring the addition of supporting utilities infrastructure for the facility and rail crossing signalization where the rail track crosses Craig Road.  

Construction work on the facility began in September 2021 and is anticipated to be complete in Fall 2022. KPFF Consulting Engineers is the Construction Manager for the Rail-Truck Transload Facility Project. The project will be funded primarily by an $11.3 million USDOT BUILD grant awarded in November 2019.

Rail-Construction Transload Facility Construction Progress